Bespoke therapy 

            with Renata Nunes

 "It's not a Spa at home.  It's a personalized treatment at home" 

Bespoke therapy with Renata Nunes is a unique experience mixing her knowledge in Chinese Medicine and her vast years of experience in Physiotherapy


After a detailed and careful assessment, the treatment starts with Systemic Acupuncture, whether for toning or dispersing, using needles where appropriate. 

Renata stays with the patient during the session, either to manipulate the needles, apply moxibustion or to start the neck and scalp mobilization.

The treatment is intensified and finalized with a manual therapy and massage where it is most needed.

Conditions commonly treated: Pregnancy Care, Digestive disorders, Anxiety/Stress, Insomnia, Migranes/Headaches, Menstrual Disorders, Musculo-skeletal conditions, Fertility, Menopause symptoms

Meet Renata Nunes

Renata started her career as a Physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of São Paulo City, Brazil in 1997 and then obtained postgraduate qualifications in Motor Rehabilitation (Irmandade Santa Casa de Misericordia de SP)  and Resistive exercises for seniors (Universidade de São Paulo- USP).

She graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012 with renowned Master Liu Chi Ming from JinZhen Taoist lineage. 


Renata's word

"I am the fifth generation of the JinZhen Taoist lineage - This knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation achieving extraordinary results.

I learned Traditional Chinese Medicine directly from my Dearest Master Liu Chih Ming and currently I am studying the Women's health and psyche with his disciple and highly regarded Edgar Cantelli

Health is an integration and balance between Yin Yang. In a more precise sense in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine, ideally health is the balance between the five energies, without excess or deficiency. Health is also fullness and proper circulation of the vital force (Qi)"


"An efficient way to reset. Immediately after, you'll feel sedated, with aches and pains much reduced - and anxious conspicuously absent"

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