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The Power of Massage Therapy

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I love working with massage since I graduated from Physiotherapy, back in 1997

In Brazil, I always added the massage technique to my therapy session, but I've never titled myself as a massage therapist.

Here in the UK, I started my career as a massage therapist before getting my HCPC registration. For those unaware, the HCPC is the statutory regulator of health and care professions in the UK.

I started my career working as a massage therapist on a wellness app and publicising my work in social media.

And today, even with my register of Physiotherapy and Acupuncture, I'm so proud to consider myself as a massage therapist.

In the United Kingdom, massage therapists have a wide field of work. In addition, there are massage championships in the UK and Europe, I believe these competitions further value the work of the massage therapist

I have a dear friend in Brazil, Grace Tiemi, an excellent Physiotherapist with logical reasoning and a precise touch. She always told me when she assisted her patients, she wondered what it would be like to be assisted by her. What would the patient feel? I wish him to leave my session feeling very well, very satisfied and very relaxed. And that's why she has created her own therapy.

Today this phrase is the reason why massage has become such an important tool in my care

"Massage reminds us of what it feels like to feel good, and we often desperately need this reminder."

This is a sentence I love and it is taken from Paul Ingraham's. An excellent text on his blog

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