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  • Renata Nunes

Tips for a good night sleep

"Cold head and warm feet", this phrase is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the aim of having a good night's sleep. Nowadays, stress, recovery and agitation mean that we cannot turn our mind off. The consequence of this is a warm head and cold feet leading to difficulty sleeping.

Some tips I give to my patients and apply to myself, after years studying and practising Traditional Chinese Medicine

1. Soak feet in hot water before bed is good to empty the mind and relax the body. This is the first tip I give to my patients to get cold head and warm feet

2. Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil in the hot water to potentiate the action. 

3. Foot massage using vegetable oil and a few drops of lavender, chamomile or jasmine essential oil also helps in relaxing the body and emptying the mind.

4. Having a cup of Jasmin, Chamomile, Passionflower or Valerian tea is an excellent choice to lessen anxiety and agitation and to sleep more peacefully.

5. Avoid foods which are greasy so as not to overload the liver and also avoid late dining.

Galbladder Meridian (11pm-1am) and Liver Meridian (1am- 3am) - The Gall Bladder chi produces bile to digest fats regulated by the smooth flow of chi by the Liver. Fat food at night both liver and gallbladder will be overloaded. On waking you will be tired. This also occurs with alcohol.

6. Avoid discussions in which will generate conflict at night.

Triple Warmer Meridian ( 9pm-11pm) - A simple discussion at night can quickly activate the Triple Warner Meridian and the conversation can be much more serious and making you much more nervous. The activation of the Triple Warner sucks the energy of the Spleen Meridian that plays an important role in our happiness.

7. Press the Yin Tang Acupuncture Point located between the eyebrows. This is one of the main points when stimulated helps to soothe and relieve anxiety.

  8. Press gently the CV17 acupoint which is located in the centre of the chest between the nipples. This point calms the heart and deepens the breath.

9. Try a Meditation to keep calm your mind.

10. Breathe deeply when you get ready for bed.

Have a good dreams