Bespoke Therapy
Renata Nunes

Renata Nunes combines her knowledge and refinement of Chinese Medicine with years of experience in Physiotherapy.

Working with her unique expertise, Renata brings a very personal and individualized treatment at home.

The treatment will begin with an assessment of your health, tongue and pulse inspection.

Thereafter, it will start with Systematic Acupuncture and carefully she will choose the best combination of points for inserting the needles.

Both for toning and sedation, the needles will be manipulated and retained at the correct time

She stays with the patient during the session, either to manipulate the needles, apply moxibustion or to start the neck and scalp mobilization.

The treatment is intensified and finalized with a manual therapy and massage where it is most needed.


Her jolly and light personality makes patients feel confident and calm during the therapy

Her many years of experience and unique approach of tailoring the techniques helps and benefits the needs of her patients to restore wellbeing

Conditions commonly treated: Pregnancy Care, Postpartum Care, Digestive disorders, Anxiety/Stress, Insomnia, Migranes/Headaches, Menstrual Disorders, Musculoskeletal conditions, Fertility, Menopause symptoms


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