Bespoke Therapy


Renata Nunes

"I am the fifth generation of the JinZhen Taoist lineage - This knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation achieving extraordinary results.

I learned Traditional Chinese Medicine directly from my Dearest Master Liu Chih Ming and currently I am studying the Women's health and psyche with his disciple and highly regarded Edgar Cantelli

Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine does not automatically make you a Taoist, since this tradition defines itself in its strictest sense as a spiritual tradition with a specific style of experience

Health is an integration and balance between Yin Yang. In a more precise sense in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine, ideally health is the balance between the five energies, without excess or deficiency. Health is also fullness and proper circulation of the vital force (Qi)"

                                                                                                        Renata Nunes


Renata provides a combination of various techniques in a very personal and individualized whole-body wellness treatment

She does a mix of Acupuncture and Manual Therapy

For relaxation or treatment, Renata can provide the necessary therapy for you


Her jolly and light personality makes patients feel confident and calm during the therapy

Her many years of experience and unique approach of tailoring the techniques helps and benefits the needs of her patients to restore wellbeing

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