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"This was truly one of the best treatments I've ever had. Renata is an expert, merging her practical medicinal skills with ultra relaxing techniques including massage. She is considerate and kind and gave me lots of practical advice, too. I cannot recommend Renata highly enough if you want to feel relaxed whilst working your energy positively"

Hermione Olivia

"Renata helped me with all my neck and shoulder tension and all my bloating! She is so lovely and such magic. I love her and I really recommend a treatment with her to really target issues at their source rather than just temporary relief"

Roxie Nafousi - Emotional Health Advisor

"I was due to have knee surgery and thanks to Renata’s assessment and further management plan, I could hold it off - hopefully forever!!
How lucky I am to be looked after by such gentle and knowledgeable physiotherapist"

Renee Rassasse - Audiologist

"Renata is one of a kind, and I'm not prone to exaggeration. She is highly skilled, a wonderful human being and goes above and beyond our utmost expectations.
I cannot recommend her more. She has a combination of technical and personal skills, along with human understanding and compassion, that make her a very well-rounded health professional. I would trust my life in her hands. She has had the most spectacular results with my wife's health.

Thank you and God bless you, Renata!"

Pedro Santos

"I don't have words to describe how are so good her treatments, I strongly recommend Renata Nunes. She clearly knows what she's doing, very professional, punctual. My posture and elasticity are much better today, thanks to her."

Ana Carolina Gouvêa Trida - Therapist

"Punctual, calm and with a true natural gift and great technique. 

I would highly recommend Renata to anyone seeking a professional first class massage in London. Renata has a great amount of knowledge of the Human body coupled with a fantastic touch only to be described as "Heavenly" you will be left feeling calm relaxed and recharged from this truly exceptional masseuse."

Romena Fogliati - Photographer /Journalist                          

The amazing and wonderful Renata physiotherapist. She doesn't only make my mum's muscles stronger to prevent falls but also provides us with a social outlet with her jolly personality. My mum and I are always looking forward to her visits. I wish her lots of success changing people's lives for the better the same way she is changing ours.

Marcia Delarco - London UK

"I truly recommend Renata. She's absolutely responsible, competent and has a lot of experience in her field. Moreover, she is kind, thoughtful and careful with her clients. 
I certainly do not have enough words to say how much she has helped me and how grateful I am for having her as my therapist!"

Daniele Nonnenmacher - Psychotherapist



Renata has saved my life a few times. A highly skilled professional and very kind person. I am very grateful I have met her and totally recommend her job!

Katia Barria - Designer


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